Hey guys, so as anyone who has read my stuff knows, I write poetry. Well guess what, my brain doesn't like to come up with new ideas so it hasn't practiced and therefore it sucks at coming up with ideas for poems, yayyyyyy. Anyways, if you have any suggestions for poems I'd love to hear … Continue reading Suggestions

A note from yours truly

Hey guys, so as I'm sure you noticed, I haven't posted any poems for a few months. I am, in fact, still alive, in case you were wondering. So I know I used to post daily but I ran out of ideas and motivation for a while, and nowadays I've started writing a few poems … Continue reading A note from yours truly


Little drops fall from the skies,A result of the clouds’ loud cries,They make a pitter patter sound,And create puddles on the ground,I love it so much when it rains,It’s the clouds’ way of sharing pain,And when they’re done a rainbow forms,To show they aren’t sad anymore.

My Heart

My heart’s a lump of metal at the bottom of the sea,No one knows it’s there, no one can rescue me,It sunk through the deep waters til it reached the floor,It’s rusted because I don’t use it anymore, My heart’s a book but it’s very tattered and worn,Some pages have gone missing and the others … Continue reading My Heart

Under the Soil

Under the soil lays secrets and lies,Under the soil lays heartbreak and cries,Under the surface of beauty and smiles,Lays a truth that’s unsaid but so very vile,No one acknowledges it’s all for show,No one speaks out although everyone knows,For if we reveal what’s laying underneath,We’d be exposing who we are beneath,All of those suits and … Continue reading Under the Soil