Hey guys, so as anyone who has read my stuff knows, I write poetry. Well guess what, my brain doesn't like to come up with new ideas so it hasn't practiced and therefore it sucks at coming up with ideas for poems, yayyyyyy. Anyways, if you have any suggestions for poems I'd love to hear … Continue reading Suggestions

Give Up

“Give up”, they say, but I won’t quit,I won’t surrender or give in,Just cuz I fell don’t mean I’m done,It’s not over until I’ve won,So I will fight until the end,If I fall, I’ll get up again,Cuz if I lose my will to fight,There’ll be no point to live this life.


What should I do with this ball of rage that I carry around?Should I pop it or ignore it or just leave it on the ground?It keeps building up, if I don’t do something it will explode,What can I do to stop it or at least make the process slow? I try throwing it but … Continue reading Rage


Spring is the time when life awakes,The sun comes out and the quiet breaks,The snow melts and the winter ends,The flowers bloom and spring begins,The bees and butterflies emerge,And of the colors, there’s a surge,Rain falls down from the up in the sky,Cuz spring causes the clouds to cry,The cold air is replaced with warm,And … Continue reading Spring

Our Story

I walked into a brand new school, I knew nobody there,Then I saw you walk in with your out-of-control, red hair,You sat down right behind me and you whispered in my ear,“Wanna be friends? Cuz I don’t know any of the kids here”,And from that day you’d never see us anywhere apart,Of our long-lasting friendship, … Continue reading Our Story


I miss you, my love, I write you letters everyday,I love you so much, I throw the letters all away,I wish you’d return, then maybe I would feel okay,But that won’t happen, no matter how often I pray. My letters to you are all the things I never said,And now it’s too late, to you … Continue reading Letters

I Remember

I remember when I was five,I used to love to be alive,I really enjoyed catching bugs,And found warmth in my mother’s hugs. I remember when I was six,My house got infested with ticks,But we got rid of all of them,And with them left all their mayhem. I remember when I was seven,Back then I still … Continue reading I Remember

Another Girl

I saw you talking to another girl today,“She’s just a friend” you told me, that’s what they all say,I made a vow that I’ll ensure she dies today,I will make sure no other girl takes you away. First I follow her and I track all her movements,I memorize the location of her apartment,I promise myself … Continue reading Another Girl


There’s whispers in the halls but I pretend I’m unaware,I’m sure they know I know so I act like I just don’t care,But really their remarks all hurt, I’m covered from their scars,They burn right through my flesh and bone, they’re hotter than the stars,They feel like gunshots, each one striking deep into my heart,Every … Continue reading Whispers

What is Death

What actually happens when your heart stops?When your blood runs dry and your temperature drops,Some say it’s the end, just an empty nothing,Some believe in heaven and hell, that’s something,Some think that when we die we’re later reborn,So we can walk the earth in another form,But what if death is not one of the above,What … Continue reading What is Death